Drive growth as a Sokin partner

Join the partnership solution built to enhance your client offering and provide ongoing revenue streams to your business.

Develop a new revenue stream

Refer clients to us and generate income through direct commissions. Simply make the introduction through the routes we provide and we'll handle the rest. You'll get a percentage split of the revenue we make.

Enhance customer value

Provide value-add services to your clients through the range of solutions provided by Sokin, including multi-currency accounts, FX payments to over 200 countries, and more.

Increase customer loyalty

We'll support you and your clients to find the right solution quickly and accurately, helping you to increase customer stickiness and loyalty. Your relationship manager will be on hand to support you and your clients.

Solutions for your clients

The global payments platform that supercharges business payments with access to wholesale FX rates, 100’s of global payment corridors, and of course, our multi-currency IBAN accounts.

The benefits of working with Sokin

We’ve built a partner solution to support your business by enhancing your client offering, increasing client stickyness and providing new revenue streams.  As part of this service, you’ll get access to:

Full visibility on commissions

You'll get access to view commissions generated directly from your referrals, giving your confidence in the revenue you're generating.

Dedicated relationship manager

Our dedicated relationship manager will support you with service integration and promotion, alongside keeping you up to date with referral performance.

Flexible proposition and service offering

We'll support you to deliver a compelling proposition to your clients through a combination of products and services.

Speak to our Partnerships team

Speak to our Partnerships team today to discover how Sokin can help your business grow new revenue streams and enhance your client offering.