Bulk payments

Welcome to the next level of business bulk payments. Make up-to 5000 payments, from wages and expenses to supplier bills online, via the Sokin portal. 

Make up to 5000 payments in one batch

Simplify your bulk payments process by adding up to 5000 items within any single batch. Wages, expenses, supplier payments and more.

Any currency, any destination

Bulk Payments allows you to send across various countries and currencies in one go. Simple global payments the way it should be.

Manage new beneficiaries in bulk

Cut the slow, manual work. Manage the addition of multiple new beneficiaries into the system through the Bulk Beneficiaries tool.

Bulk Payments - Supporting your workflows

Streamline your treasury and liquidity management to help increase transparency and reduce costs – all managed through one Sokin account. 

Save time on bulk payments

No matter the destination or currency, you can include your payment within your bulk process, saving you some serious time, and effort.

No more errors

Check your batch is correct along the way with our handy currency summaries and error processing.

Maintain existing approval flows

Bulk Payments maintains the existing multi-layer approval process to ensure internal payment compliance is maintained.

Bulk Payments for Business - your questions answered

How much does the Bulk Payment feature cost?

Nothing. It's free and comes as standard to all Business accounts.

How many transactions can be made at any time?

A whopping 5000 transactions can be part of each bulk payment.

Can I schedule payments as part of the bulk process?

Currently, no, but we're working on integrating this very soon. Hang tight.

What currencies and wallets can I use within bulk payments?

Bulk Payments is open to all wallets and currencies available within your account.

I have existing two factor checks on payments, will these remain?

Any existing multi-layer approval flows will remain in place for all bulk payments. Bulk approval/rejection flows will also be presented to the Checker.

Discover the future of global payments

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