Open your business to the world

Sokin is here to reduce your barriers to global business, enabling you to transact quickly and easily with your suppliers and customers around the world. 

Your own local currency & multi-currency accounts

Enjoy the benefits of a local with domestic payments in multiple jurisdictions, and up to 75 segregated currency accounts.

Speed up sending and receiving global payments

Rocket fuelled transfers. Instant and rapid cross-border transfers across over 200 countries*.

Use the currencies you need, without bank restrictions

Utilise your access to over 75 currencies to trade how you like, with who you like.

Trade like a local, wherever you are

Streamline your treasury and liquidity management to help increase transparency and reduce costs – all managed through one Sokin account. 

Local currency accounts

Trade like a local in key territories and take advantage of domestic payment networks for rapid and cheap transfers.

Multi-currency accounts

Collect, send and hold up to 75 currencies in a single account. Receivables to any of your currency wallets automatically pool into that designated wallet - it really is as simple as that!

How Sokin beats your bank


Your bank

Free account - no recurring fees If you're lucky, very lucky
No settlement fees
Account application & setup Rapid - within 1 working day Weeks
No hidden fees Typically hidden within FX rate
Dedicated account manager
Instant cross-border transfers
Multi-currency account One single account for all 100+ currencies Separate accounts required for each currency
Hold currencies 75+ ~10
The safety and security of your money

"Ensuring the safety and security of your money is central to our business. We comply fully with all relevant regulations and ensure your funds are appropriately segregated from business funds in line with requirements.

We understand the risks and anxieties that business stakeholders face when it comes to global currency and trading - that was ultimately the catalyst for the creation of Sokin. We've developed a service to reduce the barriers you face whist providing the relevant assurances along the way."

Vroon Modgill


Discover the future of global payments

Get access to the Sokin Business Portal in as little as 24 hours. Get in touch with our team to see how much your business can save.