Boost your business balances

Switch on your Boost to earn 3% AER on unlimited USD, EUR and GBP balances.  

3% AER on USD*

via Boost - Fixed for 60 days

3% AER on EUR*

via Boost - Fixed for 60 days

3% AER on GBP*

via Boost - Fixed for 60 days

The exclusive Sokin benefit

Earn on USD, EUR and GBP

Earn in USD, EUR, GBP, or all three, without the need for local bank accounts. Get started now through your Sokin Portal.

No minimum or maximum balance

Unlike business savings accounts, there's no min or max balance that's entitled to a return. Save big or small, it's up to you.

Great rates, no fees, no hidden terms

Sokin Business Boosts are available to all clients, without any cost. No fees for the account, no hidden costs.

Premium wallets from Sokin

How Boosts work

New Premium wallets will be available within your business portal, just like your existing currency wallets. Premium wallet balances are easy-access and provide up to 1% AER whilst also providing the option for a Boost to earn 3% AER.

Boost to earn 3% AER*

We offer a fixed rate for a 60 day period. As of October 2023 that sits at 3% AER so you’ll earn that over the period.

Choose to automatically renew your Boost

View your maturity dates live on the Portal & choose whether to toggle on automatic renewal of your Boost. 

Proceeds paid monthly 

Proceeds from your Boosts will be paid monthly into your easy-access Premium wallet. 

The rates

Earn across three currencies through a single Sokin account. 

The rates we show is how much your money could grow over a year. *


Premium wallet - easy-access: 1% AER
Boost 60 day term: 3% AER fixed


Premium wallet - easy-access: 1% AER
Boost 60 day term: 3% AER fixed


Premium wallet - easy-access: 1% AER
Boost 60 day term: 3% AER fixed

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months?

Balance at account opening

Balance after the first 12 months

Premium wallet at 1% AER $500,000 $505,000
Boost at 3% AER $500,000 $515,000

This example is for illustrative purposes only and not based on individual circumstance. It also assumes:

• No further transfers are made into your Premium or Boost accounts.
• The same AER applies for the whole period, however there can be no guarantee of the AER available at any one time.

Boosts - your questions answered

How do earnings work?

Your Premium wallet will receive 1% AER variable returns.

We also provide a fixed rate Boost, currently 3% AER, payable monthly into your account. This is a fixed amount within the 60 day period so you're not relying on the market or fund performance that investment products utilise.

You can activate the 60 day fixed term account by selecting 'Boost' on your Premium currency wallet.

Are there any fees for the Premium wallet or Boost?

Absolutely none. Nothing. Zero.

What Premium currency wallets are available?

USD, EUR and GBP. If you don't have those currencies within your account, feel free to simply transfer funds within the portal from any currency into one of your Premium accounts.

What currencies can I use to fund a Premium wallet or Boost?

Our Premium wallets are available in USD, EUR and GBP. However, you can fund your Premium wallets easily with any held currency within your Sokin portal.

How easy is it to release my funds?

Funds in your Premium wallets are easy-access. You can transfer those in/out whenever you like. Your Boosts will become automatically available at the maturity date set when you activate the Boost.

I don't have a Sokin Business account yet, what do I do?

In order to access Premium wallets you need to be a Sokin business client. If you're not already, please enquire about opening an account here. That's free, too.

We're not just beating your bank on interest rates...


Your bank

Free account - no recurring fees If you're lucky, very lucky
No settlement fees
Account application & setup Rapid - within 1 working day Weeks
No hidden fees Typically hidden within FX rate
Dedicated account manager
Instant cross-border transfers
Multi-currency account One single account for all 100+ currencies Separate accounts required for each currency
Hold currencies 75+ ~10

* Note: Sokin Premium wallets and Boosts are subject availability depending on your region. Sokin reserves the right to withdraw or not offer this product to any account. Premium Wallets and the Boost functionality is only available to Sokin Business Customers who have a multi currency account.

The Interest rates outlined are correct as of 11th October 2023 and are subject to change depending on the Central Bank rate change.

Sokin Premium wallets and Boosts are due to launch shortly. If you’re an existing client please ask your Account Manager for more information.

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