Global payment acceptance

Global ecommerce payment acceptance without the international card fees & powered by your own multi-currency accounts to simplify receivables.

1.2% transaction fee, no matter the country or currency
You own multi-currency accounts included
No authorisation, acquirer, setup or monthly fees
Ecommerce payment gateway - Sokin Pay
No more international card fees

Huge savings versus existing payment gateway providers - just 1.2% on all transactions. No authorisation or acquirer fees.

Allow customers to pay in their local currency

Allow your customers to settle in their local currency, with funds then settling into your relevant currency account.

Your own multi-currency accounts

No need to connect separate currency accounts with banking providers. With the Sokin Portal you can send, receive and hold over 75 currencies*.

Increase conversion and reduce fraud with open banking payments

Rapid settlement of funds

Forget waiting 5 working days to access your transactional funds like typical card processors. Transactions via Open Banking settle same day, allowing you to utilise funds straight away.

Greater acceptance rates with stronger security

Thanks to robust authentication protocols and encryption required for Open Banking the integrity of payments is far higher than typical card payments, providing an improved fraud rate for your business.

Seamless customer checkout experience

No need to dig out a debit card - Open Banking allows customers to transact quickly and securely via native bank connections.

Global payments without the international fees

Domestic & international card payments at the same rate

Receive debit/credit card payments at 1.2%, no matter where the customer is. No additional international card fees to pay. Zero.

Allow customers to pay in their local currency

Increase conversion rates by allowing customers to transact in their local currency and avoid hefty FX fees from their bank. All multi-currency payments will settle in your appropriate Sokin currency wallet.

Multi-currency business accounts

Your own multi-currency portal

As part of the Sokin Pay package you will gain access to the Sokin Business Portal at no extra cost. Use the Sokin Portal to handle payments and receivables in over 75 currencies*.

Free multi-currency IBAN accounts

Hold over 75 currencies* through your very own multi-currency IBAN account. Sokin Pay transactions will then settle directly into the relevant currency account.

Free local currency accounts

Utilise local USD, GBP & EUR currency accounts, making domestic payments a breeze (and cheap).

Read more about our global currency accounts

A new era of ecommerce transaction fees

1.2% fixed fee on all transactions
No interchange or scheme fees to pay
FREE account setup
Zero ongoing monthly fees
Integrates with leading ecommerce platforms

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