CNY payments to China as fast as same-day

Keep your goods moving – Avoid sending USD or CNH via slower SWIFT rails and instead rely on CNY payments which are generally cleared on the same-day.

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CNY payments to China as quick as same-day

Because we send funds using China's local clearing house, we can get your money to its destination faster than the banks, who rely on SWIFT.

Access 100+ other currencies and remit to 200+ countries*

Sokin boasts one of the largest payment networks in the world, simplifying your life and empowering your business.

Access wholesale exchange rates and save on fees

Gain access to Sokin's best exchange rate, that's our promise. Transparent pricing and nothing hidden, ever.

Business payments to China – Your guide

Making payments into China can provide a bit of a headache. Do you send CNH? USD? How long will it take? We’ve answered all of your key questions in our guide on payments to China.

Multi-currency business accounts

Your global currency account

Free multi-currency IBAN account

Hold over 75 currencies through your very own multi-currency IBAN account

Free local currency accounts

Utilise local USD, GBP & EUR currency accounts, making domestic payments a breeze (and cheap).

Bulk payments integration

Simplify your bulk payments process by adding up to 5000 items within any single batch. Wages, expenses, supplier payments and more.

All the currencies you need, with the rates you dreamed

We provide over 100 currencies layered with access to wholesale exchange rates, all through one single platform. Say goodbye to inflated rates from your existing provider.

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Discover the future of global payments

Get access to the Sokin Business Portal in as little as 24 hours. Get in touch with our team to see how much your business can save.